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This course contains all the information you'll ever need to understand how your pendulum works, teach you the best techniques to use it, and what to do when it doesn't work. You'll even learn how to use your pendulum to get information on everyday concerns, and how to use it with your Chakras!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    How to Use a Pendulum
    • A Note From Angela
    • Section 1: What is a Pendulum?
    • Section 2: Cleansing and Activating Your Pendulum
    • Section 3: Using Your Pendulum
    • Section 4: Pendulum Demonstration
    • Section 5: Asking Questions with Your Pendulum
    • Section 6: A Note of Caution
    • Section 7: Using Your Pendulum with Your Chakras
    • Section 8: When Your Pendulum Doesn’t Work
    • Section 9: Closing

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