Are You Ready to Understand Your Gifts as an Empath?

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An Empath is someone who has the ability to FEEL the emotions and physicality of other people. They know when someone is sad, or someone is sick, they can actually FEEL it like it's their own! Empaths are natural healers, animal lovers, and caretakers.

If you think you may be an Empath, this program is FOR YOU:
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Are You an Empath?

If you answer YES to 5 or more of these items, you're MOST LIKELY an Empath!

  • I naturally know what other people are feeling or if they are in physical pain, even if they don’t tell me.

  • I am a dependable, reliable person who others can call when in trouble.

  • I have close relationships with animals, usually preferring their company over humans.

  • In conflict, I would rather be the one who gets hurt feelings rather than having to hurt someone else’s feelings.

  • I will overlook bad behavior of family members due to family bonds.

  • I have a hard time being aware of and honoring my own emotions.

  • I feel like I need to act fairly, even when others are not being fair to me.

  • Sometimes my hands tingle, get hot, or feel like energy is coming from them.

  • I tend to attract people who have major issues – substance abuse; workaholics; eating disorders; extreme need for attention; sexual disorders; or co-dependents.

  • I’ve had bosses who have taken advantage of my time, talent, and generosity.

What to Expect from this Program

Here's why this course is for you:

- Gain clarity on what it means to be an Empath.

- Learn the gifts and challenges of your natural abilities.

- Understand why boundaries are so important, and how to create them and enforce them!

- Explore many self-care practices to bring peace to your life.

- Get clear on the intentional influences of your life.

- Discover situations and techniques to use your energetic and healing abilities.

What is an EDUCATED Empath?

This course will change your life.

An Educated Empath is someone who:

* understands their natural abilities and how these abilities affect their lives every day;

* honors the importance of boundaries and implements them in every situation;

* devotes time to self-care and protection of their emotions;

* intentionally chooses the life that surrounds them.

The Educated Empath understands themselves and the world around them, and they are no longer swayed by the agenda of others. Through self-reflection, the Educated Empath sees patterns in their life, initiates awareness for self-growth, steps into their power, and makes needed changes to become the creator of their future and their happiness.

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Course curriculum

The Educated Empath is a self-paced program that includes 6 intense lessons and supporting material to help you understand your Empathic gifts!

  • 1
    Welcome to The Educated Empath
    • A message from Angela
    • Welcome to The Educated Empath program!
  • 2
    Lesson 1: Are You An Empath?
    • Are You An Empath - Video Introduction
    • Lesson 1: Are You An Empath?
  • 3
    Lesson 2: Awareness and Balance
    • Awareness and Balance - Video Introduction
    • Lesson 2: Awareness and Balance
  • 4
    Lesson 3: Boundaries
    • Boundaries - Video Introduction
    • Lesson 3: Boundaries
  • 5
    Lesson 4: Self - Care
    • Self-Care Video Introduction
    • Lesson 4: Self-Care
    • Recommended Books for Empaths
  • 6
    Lesson 5: Influences
    • Influences - Video Introduction
    • Lesson 5: Influences
  • 7
    Lesson 6: Developing Your Abilities
    • Developing Your Abilities - Video Introduction
    • Lesson 6: Developing Your Abilities
  • 8
    Next steps
    • More resources for you
    • Before you go...
    • Welcome to our AwakenU Community!

Hi, I'm Angela Boswell

International Spiritual Advisor, Channeler, Author, Keynote Speaker, Mentor, and Class Instructor

My intuitive and empathic abilities first emerged growing up on a farm and being able to talk to the plants, animals, and “imaginary” family members and friends.

As the owner of Dream Angels, I use my intuition to help customers on a personal level, and my products assist in enhancing their relationships, homes and offices.

I developed AwakenU to teach others how to use spiritual tools to receive messages, set intentions to improve their lives, and to work with the spiritual realm to gain a better understanding of life events and higher purpose.

The Educated Empath program was created through seeing the needs of my clients and wanting to help them understand their unique abilities. I look forward to working with you on your Spiritual journey.
Hi, I'm Angela Boswell

What Students & Clients are Saying:

Janeen S.

I now have boundaries!

Janeen S.

Angela’s programs helped me to understand that most of my stress was related to poor boundaries. Her class really rang true for me and helped me identify where I needed to create boundaries and gave me ideas on how to enforce them. Thanks Angela!
Adam M.

I understand myself now!

Adam M.

For years I felt like I was different, and I couldn’t put it into words. Through Angela’s programs I now understand my gifts and how to use them to make my life better and help others!
Mary A.

I keep going back!

Mary A.

Angela’s educational programs really help you grow! Her material is detailed, thoughtful, and thorough. I keep going back and learning more about myself each time!
Adrianna  A.

Clear, Accurate, Direct, & Caring

Adrianna A.

I love Angela's work, she is clear, direct, accurate and at the same time caring and fun! I trust her and love her readings and classes.
Helen M.

Her Connection is Astounding!

Helen M.

Angela is an amazing reader, medium, spiritual advisor and teacher. My daughter and I have been blessed to have received extremely accurate readings from her for about seven years. She is always a professional and her connection with her guides is astounding. She has a true gift and offers wonderful guidance.

Plus, You'll Receive Guidance, Community, & Access!

In addition to the course materials, you'll get these special bonuses:

  • Guidance & Support

    After you finish the course, we’ll check in with you to discuss your experience. If you have any questions or need assistance with the lessons during the course, contact us for support and guidance - we're here to help!

  • Lifetime Access

    You will ALWAYS have access to the online course with the added option to download the lessons.

Now is the time to become an Educated Empath!

Learn about your natural abilities, grow into your best potential, and take the next step on your journey. Partner with Angela today to start your life changes!

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